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Happiness of a gift

It was Thanksgiving last week and anywhere I went, I heard the following “The season of gifts is on”. I started thinking about which gift has left an impact on my mind. It brought back a lot of memories still I was unable to zero down on any particular event. But yesterday while wandering through a mall, I came accross a section of Rayban sunglasses.

Rayban products always remind me of my father. Baba never left house without his sunglasses. He was a lifetime Rayban user. When I was in final year of college, his sunglasses broke in an accident. He was very upset. I told him to wait till I start earning. I still remember the first diwali after I started earning. I told him “It’s gift time for you”. His response was “Yes, I will go ahead and check the Rayban collection”. After that whenever he left house, his sunglasses were always with him. Everytime he wore it, I felt so happy that I could gift him something which is a part and parcel of his identity. Truely he made me feel proud of my gift. It was the same model as one below.

Every add talks about making the receiver of gifts happy but few ever mention anything about the giver. The happiness of a gift lies in making both the giver and receiver happy. The gift of Rayban sunglasses is most memorable because it not only made the receiver glad but also the giver happy. With the festive season on, let us make it a point to make every person, who gifts us, happy. That the gift they gave us is really important and will be an important part of our day-to-day life.

A snow covered memory

Today’s challenge was to add more personalization to my blog. When I sat to think about it, the first thing that came to my mind was snow covered mountains and roads. This brought back memories of an amazing trip with friends.

I was brought up in a warm place in India. I always used to fantasize snow as I had never seen it. Once I got an opportunity to visit Aspen with my friends during thanksgiving. It was an amazing trip which got finalized just two days before leaving. Six of us drove in a car from Dallas to Aspen. As we started going towards aspen, the sights I saw left me spellbound. I still remember it fresh. We reached Aspen around 12:00 am. It was warm inside car but the moment I stepped out, it was a dream come true. My feet just landed on snow. I was not able to believe it and wanted to play with snow as soon as possible. But we were also tired of driving so we dozed off as soon as we went to our rooms.

It snowed all night. The next day I saw snow covered roads, houses and mountains. I felt as if I was in some fairy tale. We also went and saw a park full of snow. This blog just gave me an opportunity to preserve that beautiful memory. This exercise has allowed me to learn about headers and backgrounds. Probably I will change these based on my blog posts.