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Kites in the Sky

The sky is filled with colorful kites and the terraces are filled with laughter and cheer. Today is Makar Sankranti for Bengali(East India) and Uttarayan for Gujarati(West India). Since I am a Bengali from Gujarat, I get to celebrate both. It is a festival dedicated to the Surya Devta(Sun God). The days are expected to become longer from today. We worship the Sun God with prayers and offerings. People fly kites in Uttarayan. The stalls for kites start appearing from first week of January. The colorful kites of different sizes and designs hanging on the shop windows makes the market appear like a palette of colors. As a kid I used to look forward to taking a stroll in the market during these times.

Delicacies at home. Thanks to mom

Most of the delicacies of this festival are made with jaggery. In East India, they make Pitha from rice flour, coconut and jaggery. In West India, they make sesame and peanut rolls or bars(chikki) with jaggery. We spend most of the day in terrace flying kites and eating all these delicacies. This is also the time when families come togather and celebrate. Uptill last year, there used to be Kite festivals, where large kites of various shapes and sizes were flown. Participants used to come from all over the world to display their unique kites. It used to be a fair like atmosphere. During school days, the mid year exams used to get over just before Uttarayan. So it used to be a bigger celebration for us. This year I was able to celebrate the festival at home after a long time. My mother prepared everything I enjoy. The world is seeing a new hope with vaccines coming up after last year’s pandemic. I just pray there is a vaccine which provides us permanent immunity from this disease and again allows us to meet each other without the fear of getting infected. Happy Makar Sankranti and Happy Uttarayan to everyone.

Discovering a Sunny day

Farmer’s Market

It was a bright, hot and sunny morning, the day when you see everyone in sunglasses. The lazy person in me said “Lie down, listen to music and read a book”. “This is just the right day to go out and explore the place”, said the explorer in me. There was a debate between them, each giving the benefits of their proposal. Ultimately the explorer won. I drove to the community park to see the Farmer’s market. Be it vegetables, bakery products or honey, each vendor greets you with a warm smile and is eager to tell you about it. Every product has the human touch of the person who created it. Its a clear indication of how you feel when you put your heart and soul into developing something.

The park was throbbing with life. Each shade had a story to tell. One shade had a community meet, another had a family picnic, a wedding was going on in third and so on. The smiles of the people seemed to be synchronized with the brightness of the sun. The highest excitement was at a kids baseball match. The ground was surrounded by parents cheering their kids. It seemed as if a fair was near the baseball ground where people sold fresh lemonades, beads, sunglasses, etc. The small kids in the park, personified freedom. They ran, shouted, laughed and cheered. It reminded me of my school days when all that mattered was to live the moment. The sights at the park made me happy, contented and energized for the entire day, something I wouldn’t have experienced if I had stayed back. The Sun seemed to have infused everyone including me, with extra energy. We often tend to take the easy way in life but if you stretch out a little and wander, you will discover way more than you can imagine. Here is my discovery, a sweet and spicy strawberry-Jalapeno jam, which I had never seen before.

day 1 introduce yourself zero to hero challenge

Hello everyone,

First of all I would wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year. I am Sanchita Sarkar, a software professional from India. I love reading, travelling and listening to music. I also enjoy a healthy discussion on different topics. The kind of discussions where all the people come out more informed. Offlate I seldom find people enjoying the same genre of interest as mine. Therefore I am here to blog, so that I can present my views to the world and recieve their perceptions as comments or discussions on my blog. Also because of our busy lives we hardly intereact with people outside our circle. Sometimes we kind of get into a cocoon. We never realize what people on the other side of the world think or are going through. I believe blogging would give me an opportunity to connect to the world.

Every human being has different facet. Even scientists are musicians or the most mature person may enjoy cartoons. But we are generally not aware of the other side of these personalities. I want to take this opportunity to express my different thoughts and people around the world to put their inputs on those thoughts.

As for my blog, I want to write about anything under the sun. This could mean technology, social media, travelling, music and the list goes on. This blog is a medium to bring my views to the world. As you can see my previous two blogs, I have written about my experience of celebrating Christmas in school in one and the other contains my views on eReaders and libraries. One deals with childhood memories wherease the other deals with change in lifestyle due to technology. The blog may also contain experiences in short or long trips or one day experience. I want to connect to varied people around the world. Blogging successfully in 2014 will make my creative side happy.

Happy Blogging