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Independence Day Celebrations

The results of the recent elections in India, show that leadership is based on hard work, effort and vision. It is not based on heredity. I have always considered it a blessing that we have a constitution, which gives us the freedom to dream and achieve. Independence day is the time to show our gratitude for this freedom. I always attend the 4th July parade in Monroeville. The participants are different institutions like the church, schools, local bands, fire brigade, etc. They throw candies and chocolates at the waving crowd. Its so nice to see families standing on both sides of the road and cheering them. The best part is the kids, who come with their bags, baskets or buckets to collect the sweets.

The parade starts at 9:00 am. People come with their folding chairs and umbrellas and sit on both sides of the road. The performances by bikers, gymnasts, dancers makes it all the more enjoyable. As the parade proceeds, it feels as if the entire city has become a family. Fireworks are organized in different parts of the city at night. Independence day is the time to show our respect for the freedom we have. Its so nice to see some families make it a tradition to attend the parade. These traditions make the children aware of the constitution and their responsibilities. I just hope these traditions are made in all families everywhere and all of us respect the freedom. Happy Independence Day.

The flag and the anthem on a winter morning

Amazing google doodle to respect Republic day

Happy Republic Day

Today is 26th January. This day is celebrated as Republic day in India. On 26th January,1950 our constitution came into force. This day always brings back special memories of school. The marchpast and celebration in New Delhi is telecast all over the country.

We used to have Marchpast and flag hoisting in schools on this day. To prepare for this day we used to practice marchpast everyday. Even in Winters we used to be in school at 7:00 am just to practice marching. The choir used to prepare songs on patriotism. There used to be speeches given on the importance of this day. The drummers used to be ready to beat the drum on the prescribed ways. It used to be an all new excitement. On the Republic day we used to dress up in our uniform and go to school. The school used to be decorated with ribbons of the tricolor. There was a competition of the marchpast among the different houses (Red, blue, green, yellow). Towards the end of the event the winning house’s name was declared. After the event we used to rush home to catch the Republic day parade on national television.

The entire day used to be almost like a festival. Getting up in the morning, dressing up in our starched and ironed uniforms, ensuring that our sweater colors and lengths are same and paying respect to our national anthem and flag. Practising for these events induced a will to work towards perfection, in us. I wish we could continue these activities in work places as well. I am glad that google has paid respect through its doodle today.