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Mark of success

This Friday I visited the library after a long time. Among all the magazines, the October’2013 issue of Fortune caught my attention. It had a photo of Sheryl Sandberg on its cover.

I issued the magazine. The first thing I read was the article on Sheryl Sandberg. It mentions almost all the responsibilities she handles at Facebook. Along with it she also wrote her book Lean In which is a bestseller. She did not stop there, she also started LeanIn.org. She is working even while she comes to office. After reading this I thought, we all get so many opportunities but all we do is procrastinate. For example the library is barely 10 minutes walk but I always have an excuse to not go but I can always manage a reason to have an icecream from the nearby shop.

To be successful one needs to be persistent. Even after achieving so much, she is still working on new things. At the same time she is also managing her family. This is a mark of success. We all begin things but soon give up and that is the reason we are not able to get our dreams. Thus to be extraordinary we need to do something extraordinary daily. I too have resolved to read the monthly journals on time. Lets hope I remain stuck to my resolution.