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Day 5: Love Your Theme

Today’s challenge was to try out different themes and write about atleast three of them. I had mentioned in my day1 blog that I participated in this competition to learn about blogging. I must admit each day’s task is helping me learn and explore more and more. I had never thought exploring the themes would be so much fun. When I started my blog, the first thing that came to my mind for its them was a photo of a peacock. Just as it is filled with bright and beautiful colors, so will my blog be. Below are the themes which really caught my attention:

Flounder – This is a beautiful theme. The blog gets divided into more than 4 parts. Each post is displayed as a page in the column in between. The color combination is really beautiful. However the colors chosen are very formal. It may not be very suitable for a blog containing cartoon characters.

Next Saturday – This is the next theme that caught my attention. It has a good combination of colors. Still I liked the way the tagline is displayed just below the header. For a blog on various topics it is quite good.

Cheer – This theme is one which does not suit me at all. It has two columns and one header. The colors used are very dull. My blog represents my countless thoughts and emotions so I want it to be as colorful as a rainbow. I feel when we think of cheering someone up we think of bright colors just as those seen on the props used by the cheerleaders.

One thing I must say, we humans love variety. As I sat exploring various themes on my blog, it became more fun than a task. I have definitely learnt a lot about themes today. At the end I changed the theme to Next saturday. It was satisfying to see my blog in a new avatar. I hope by the end of these 30 days, I have good knowledge on blogging. I think it is the same for all of us.