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Discovering a Sunny day

Farmer’s Market

It was a bright, hot and sunny morning, the day when you see everyone in sunglasses. The lazy person in me said “Lie down, listen to music and read a book”. “This is just the right day to go out and explore the place”, said the explorer in me. There was a debate between them, each giving the benefits of their proposal. Ultimately the explorer won. I drove to the community park to see the Farmer’s market. Be it vegetables, bakery products or honey, each vendor greets you with a warm smile and is eager to tell you about it. Every product has the human touch of the person who created it. Its a clear indication of how you feel when you put your heart and soul into developing something.

The park was throbbing with life. Each shade had a story to tell. One shade had a community meet, another had a family picnic, a wedding was going on in third and so on. The smiles of the people seemed to be synchronized with the brightness of the sun. The highest excitement was at a kids baseball match. The ground was surrounded by parents cheering their kids. It seemed as if a fair was near the baseball ground where people sold fresh lemonades, beads, sunglasses, etc. The small kids in the park, personified freedom. They ran, shouted, laughed and cheered. It reminded me of my school days when all that mattered was to live the moment. The sights at the park made me happy, contented and energized for the entire day, something I wouldn’t have experienced if I had stayed back. The Sun seemed to have infused everyone including me, with extra energy. We often tend to take the easy way in life but if you stretch out a little and wander, you will discover way more than you can imagine. Here is my discovery, a sweet and spicy strawberry-Jalapeno jam, which I had never seen before.


The ultimate sporting experience

Tennis, chai and bhajia.

Tennis, chai and bhajia.

With US open finals today, the last grand slam of the year 2015 is coming to an end. I always enjoyed watching sports, be it Tennis, badminton or football. This is the reason, world cup soccer or olympics were almost like a festival at home. We used to have the meals ready before the matches. We used to wait for days before the opening ceremony. As a school girl I used to complete all my homework beforehand so that I could watch the opening ceremony. We used to watch the opening ceremonies live irrespective of the timezone they were held in. The effects used to be visible next day in school.

We inherited this love for games from my father. He was a an ardent sports lover with absolute devotion towards soccer. The effects of the game results were clearly visible on his mood. An average conversation during US open Tennis would be like this:

Me(just after returing from office): Hi Baba, how was your day?
Baba(With a sad face): There is a sad news
Me: What happened? Are you all right?
Baba: Serena Williams lost in the semi final.
Me: Oh! I understand.

During English Premier league if he was exceptionally silent on any morning, it simply meant his favourite team Arsenal didn’t do well. Even in front of Telivision he was as excited as if he was sitting live in the stadium. The kitchen would be ready with milk and biscuits. He would prepare tea or coffee during half time of soccer or commercial breaks. It used to be monsoon during US open and he used to get hot bhajias (onion fries). Watching any game with him used to be an ultimate sporting experience. Looking back that used be an amazing way of spending quality time with each other. Sports brings us togather and motivates us towards a fit life. As a school girl I used to be able to identify many flags with the country names after the opening ceremonies. It also encourages kids to go out and enjoy the weather even in this era of all the digital entertainment. But this enthusiasm for sports would not have been there in us without my father’s encouragement. Thanks baba for inculcating a nice hobby.

The longest drive

They say you don’t get a notice before an adventure. I didn’t believe it until this valentine’s day. My friend Ravi suggested going to Annapolis. After a little bit of discussion, me and my roommate Saritha, agreed.

A picturesque view on the way

A picturesque view on the way

It was a beautiful drive. We had a nice time wandering around the streets of the historic city. Around 7:00pm it started snowing and we decided to return. The moment we entered the highway, it started snowing heavily. I was reminded of the movies on space, where one can see starts coming as the space ship moves forward. The snow fall had become a snow storm. As we went ahead all we could see was snow coming towards us. The speed was reduced to 20miles per hour. After 10 minutes it seemed, the street was covered with ice on both sides. Soon all the cars had their headlights on.

Driving in a snowstorm

Driving in a snowstorm

Then Ravi said he was unable to see the white lines separating the lanes. We looked around and no lines were visible but all the cars were moving slow. In another 20 minutes, the whole 3 lane road had become single lane, with every car moving slowly. Saritha tried to lighten the mood by playing low soft songs. But we all horrified when the car in front of ours suddenly started skidding. It had almost become perpendicular to the direction of traffic when somehow the driver managed to controll it and align it to the moving line. This left us shocked and motionless for a few minutes when David who was sitting at navigator’s seat picked a hotel’s menu and read sandwich as “sanda wich”. At that moment I realized my jaw as hanging out of fear but that remark lighted the atmosphere.

Vehicles maintaining long distances in a blizzard

Vehicles maintaining long distances in a blizzard

My phone was running out of charge. The route never seemed to end. It was scarry but we saw at some places people came out of their cars to help others. These are the times when humanity shows itself. After 3-4 hours of driving we reached home and I heaved a sigh of relief. Thank god we all reached safe and sound. All of us were so tired that we went to Dunkin Doughnuts for a coffee. Then Ravi(who loves to cook) suggested we all gather at his place.

A sumptuous dinner after a snow blizzard

A sumptuous dinner after a snow blizzard

We agreed and after 2 hours we had a sumptuous meal of daal, chapati,paneer biryani and raita. As they say “Alls well that ends well”. I have been to many drives but this was the longest drive of my life. I just thank my friends Ravi, Saritha and David for being with me through this.

A date with snow

Every year as december approaches all the movie channels show movies around christmas. As a child I used to dream about seeing snowfall. I had been at tourist places covered with snow but somehow I wanted to see how it started.

Early morning rains

Early morning rains

It was 26th nov’2014. It was chilly with temperature at 5 degree celcius. Further it was raining but there was something different about it. The water was way too cold. Slowly we saw snow flakes falling with water. After a few minutes, there was no water only snow. I couldn’t resist standing out. The snow kept on falling. Soon everything seemed to be covered with a nice white sheet.

Rain and snow flakes

Rain and snow flakes

Snow covering everything

Snow covering everything

Snow covering everything

Snow covering everything

Although it was cold, still me and my roomie went out for a walk. Standing under the trees with snow everywhere around I remembered the following lines:

Under the greenwood tree
who loves to lie with me
and tune his merry note
unto the greenbird’s throat

A snow covered tree

A snow covered tree

A snow covered roof

A snow covered roof

There are times when we dream and just keep it aside thinking it may never come true. I think sometimes they come true and when they do we are so happy that we forget to thank almighty. Let us remember how many of our dreams have come true and thank God. If there is any that is yet to be fulfilled, don’t lose hope, you never know when it may come true.


I am so glad that I have been nominated for this award. Thankyou
I am feeling great!!!

The purpose of it is to encourage writers of new blogs and explore more of this world of blogging. Since I just started blogging, this nomination boosted my confidence.

Here are the rules for Liebster Award :

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

My answers for questions asked by Shivali.

1.Your favorite book?
Anne Frank’s Diary

2.If you could get one superpower,which one you’ll pick?
To be able to See the future

3.Do you believe in Magic?

4.Name 5 things you can’t live without.
cellphone, music, books, work, sweets

5.If you win lottery,first thing you’ll buy?
I would go for a world tour

6.What makes you happy?
An amazing book and a good meal with a tasty dessert

7.Your favorite fiction character from movie/book/T.V?

8.What do you do in your leisure?
Read books and listen to music

9.What is your guilty pleasure?

10.Your favorite quote?
Give your best and leave the rest!!!

Here are my nominations:

Here are my questions:

1. Which is your favourite movie?
2. What do you do to unwind at the end of a hard day?
3. What would be perfect weather for you?
4. Which task is of highest priority on a Sunday?
5. Who is your favourite actor?
6. Which tourist place would you like to visit?
7. Which is your favourite fruit?
8. In which list would you like your blog to feature?
9. What kind of blogs impress you the most?
10. If you could change one thing what would it be?

Music is Eternal

My grandfather moved from our home state to a state in another zone of the country. At that time my mother was a child. He was very fond of music. He carried our bengali culture through music in his gramaphone disks. These consisted of traditional songs to folk music to movie songs. The gramaphone was very precious to him. He used to ensure it gets cleaned up and played daily. As a result I used to hear those songs daily. He passed away when I was seven. The gramaphone was still played by my grandmother on alternate days to keep it running. This time we used to decide the disk to be played. There was a disk containing some old movie songs. One of the songs was my favourite “Ek poloke ektu dekha”. It was from the movie “Lookochuri” based on “Comedy of errors” theme. Below is the song:

In the video, the central character (played by Kishore kumar who is also the singer of the song) is alone at home and is happily describing his interactions with his love interest. The video is no less than the song and clearly reflects the mood of the song. One can’t help smiling at the thought of this song. I vaguely remember my grandfather listening to his gramaphone with a tranquil expression on his face. As I grew up, taperecorders and CD players entered and the gramaphone was packed and kept in the attic. Years later I heard that song on radio, I felt so happy. It brought back the memories of my childhood when there was no hurry, no tension, no responsibility but pure happiness. Today the song is there in my phone. Everytime I am upset or stressed, I hear that song. It relaxes me. When I got access to youtube the first thing I searched was this song as it always manages to move me.

When I sat to write this blog, it just reminded me, the listeners changed from grandfather to me, the devices changed from gramaphone to smartphone, yet the music and its effect remained the same. Music is above life and technology. It is eternal.

Day 5: Love Your Theme

Today’s challenge was to try out different themes and write about atleast three of them. I had mentioned in my day1 blog that I participated in this competition to learn about blogging. I must admit each day’s task is helping me learn and explore more and more. I had never thought exploring the themes would be so much fun. When I started my blog, the first thing that came to my mind for its them was a photo of a peacock. Just as it is filled with bright and beautiful colors, so will my blog be. Below are the themes which really caught my attention:

Flounder – This is a beautiful theme. The blog gets divided into more than 4 parts. Each post is displayed as a page in the column in between. The color combination is really beautiful. However the colors chosen are very formal. It may not be very suitable for a blog containing cartoon characters.

Next Saturday – This is the next theme that caught my attention. It has a good combination of colors. Still I liked the way the tagline is displayed just below the header. For a blog on various topics it is quite good.

Cheer – This theme is one which does not suit me at all. It has two columns and one header. The colors used are very dull. My blog represents my countless thoughts and emotions so I want it to be as colorful as a rainbow. I feel when we think of cheering someone up we think of bright colors just as those seen on the props used by the cheerleaders.

One thing I must say, we humans love variety. As I sat exploring various themes on my blog, it became more fun than a task. I have definitely learnt a lot about themes today. At the end I changed the theme to Next saturday. It was satisfying to see my blog in a new avatar. I hope by the end of these 30 days, I have good knowledge on blogging. I think it is the same for all of us.