Footloose Diaries

Meditation hall in Vivekananda Rock

Meditation hall in Vivekananda Rock

As I sat to think on adding a few more details, the first thing that stuck me was my love for travelling. Travel shows have always been my favourite. Infact as a child I often imagined myself as a travel show host. I always wanted a medium to share my travelling experiences.

Sunrise near the Vivekananda rock

Sunrise near the Vivekananda rock

My dream of travelling began to come true when I was sent to Trivandrum in India. I went with 10 of my friends in the month of July. The monsoons were on and greenery was at its peak. From there we went to see Kanyakumari. It was a great experience. In order to catch the sunrise we left at 2:00 am. Seeing the sunrise at the converge of Indian ocean, Arabian sea and Bay of bengal left us breathless. We also went to the vivekananda rock. The meditation hall has an amazing tranquil inside it. Also there is a massive compass. One gets to see different colours of sea from that rock. The blowing adds to the excitement. The vendors in kanyakumari sell different articles made out of sea shells from keychains to necklaces to earings to wallpieces. All in all its an amazing trip worth making. So the next time you want to visit a amazing coastal place, just remember Kanyakumari.

Those were the days when I learnt to be a footloose. As for this page, it will always remind me of the time when I became a footloose. I feel every year one should keep sometime to travel and be footloose. Just be open and meet new people in new places and eat new delicacies. What do you say?

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