Celebrating Spring



It was 1st march, 2015. My friend Ravi called me up and said “Do not keep any plans for 11th april 2015”. When I asked the reason, he replied “Don’t you know, its Cherry Blossom”. I looked up the internet and found its a spring celebration. Being a bengali, I have always celebrated spring in India as Basant Panchami. That day I realised Spring is celebrated here too.

Flowers with trees and no leaves

Flowers with trees and no leaves

Everyone celebrating spring

Everyone celebrating spring

On 11th april’2015, we set out for Washington, D.C. After days of rain and snow, it was a beautiful sunny day. This lifted our spirits. As soon as we entered the city, we saw people walking everywhere. I had never seen so many people on the streets. We parked the car and started walking towards the Jefferson Memorial. As we reached there we saw trees with beautiful pink and white flowers. I was amazed to see that these trees had only flowers and no leaves. The city itself looked colourful. There were food stalls on trucks with images of mouthwatering dishes. At some places the entire lane was filled with the aroma of delicacies from all over the world from kabobs to pretzels. People came with their families. As a result there were kids all around. This reminded me of Mela(fairs) in my home town Baroda. I used to go with my parents and friends. Those were the amazing days when we used to have every near and dear one around us.

Cycle Rickshaws

Cycle Rickshaws


Another surprise was cycle rickshaws. The last time I saw them was in my school days in my native place Raiganj. They looked really beautiful with all the spring colors painted on them. They say Spring is the king of seasons. It seemed so true, as if entire world has come to welcome it with open arms. The city personified happiness and cheer with kids running around hear and there.



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