Yesterday and today

When talking about generations, the first thing that came to my mind is my parent’s generaqtion. I have always loved to see how my parents always faced all the problems togather. This sunday was our republic day. The first republic day was on 26th january,1950. That was the time, India was learning to work as an independent nation. Those times were full of struggle for the nation. My parents grew up during the seventies. Hence they too were viewers of those struggles. Somehow their generation embodied the spirit to do well inspite of all odds.

Their generation has been able to create a right role model for us. I just don’t know whether I will be able to live up to the same expectations as them. The only thing that puzzles me about their generation is they think that we have recieved everything very easily. As far as infrastructure and education facilities are concerned yes but doing anything today implies facing lot more competition than their time. Also we are global citizens today so the scope too has expanded. This is particularly in case of software professionals. Many people from the previous generation believe that we have a great life in AirConditioned offices but they don’t know the competition that we have to face daily to live up to the expectations of everyone. I just hope they acknowledge this struggle and stop believing we have got everything easily.

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  6. I think it is true of every generation that they tend to view the generation that comes after them as having it easier. If anything, I see many challenges ahead for your generation and successive ones, globally. It’s a tough economic environment facing future generations, and challenges in the area of geopolitics as well. You do not have it easy, and anyone who believes that is short-sighted.

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