Shocked by a honk on a lonely road

On the way to Buffalo

On the way to Buffalo

Part I:

Once when I was in Dallas, on a certain weekend, me and 5 of my friends planned a trip to washington and Buffalo. It was the month of July and climate was pretty hot. The iternary was to fly to washington, do sight seeing and then drive overnight to buffalo, explore the Niagra falls and fly back to Dallas from buffalo.

As planned, we completed all our work on friday and flew from Dallas on Friday night. We reached Washington on Friday night, stayed at a motel and started on saturday morning. We walked a lot and loved seeing all the buildings. Towards the evening we came close to Lincoln memorial. We climbed the steps and went inside. It was beautiful. As we came down from the steps, it started raining slowly. We thought we will wait till rain stops and then walk till our cars. But the rains had other plans and it started raining heavily. We again climbed the steps to the memorial. There we spent 2 hours. Finally the rains stopped and we started walking towards our cars. The rains had left a cool breeze and everyone seemed to enjoy the walk. We had dinner at one of the restaurants and then we started driving towards Buffalo.

We reached Buffalo in the morning. After a quick breakfast we thought we will freshen up in a motel and then go to visit the Niagra. We roamed and roamed but somehow we were unable to find a motel. The roads were also lonely so we were unable to ask any directions to anyone. Suddenly we heard a honk by a cop car. This left us shocked…

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